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Gaby Gonzalez

At the core of many of our minds and desires is the yearning to find genuine happiness in all aspects of life. Not a compromised happiness which comes and goes dependent on the places we go or the passage of time, but instead, a complete happiness; a happiness which remains constant as we travel, work and live. At a young age, Providence based videographer Gaby Gonzalez found her happiness within her camera, and has clinged to that bliss since childhood, still holding fast to her passion today at the age of twenty one. From weddings, to music, to the endless creative concepts which reside in her beautifully creative mind, she has channeled her gift in a myriad of profound films and projects. With a relentless drive, Gaby pours her entirety into each piece she creates, producing works which move the soul and provoke the mind.

The seeds of Gaby’s talent and interest in film were first planted as she grew up in her home. With her father being a wedding videographer, her natural instinct and desire was to emulate the work of her talented father. At the age of thirteen, Gaby first professionally exercised her skills in the field, filming and editing her first wedding. Since then, her career began to grow and blossom. Having filmed and edited over one hundred weddings, Gaby has earned prestige and credibility within the industry. Along with capturing the beautiful moments of weddings, Gaby also specializes in music videos, producing videos full of life and energy for artists like Lil Swifty, Lil Ice, and Voices of Grace. Currently enrolled as a film major at Emerson College in Boston, Gaby only intends on growing her career and elevating her skills. Of her greatest professional aspirations is to eventually create documentaries, seeking to lend a voice and tell a story for subjects and individuals which deserve such recognition. Through her artistic vision and camera, Gaby brings visuals and narratives to life unique from most artists at her age. Much more than a film student or an aspiring artist, Gaby Gonzalez is a storyteller, an explorer and an innovator.